"Five Moments" is an experimental music short film drama about the loss of a loved one, featuring live-on-set recorded art songs from romantic to modern.

The concept

The central role of music in FIVE MOMENTS

"Five Moments," is driven by our shared love for music, how it can touch us, move us (literally), be real and present in our daily lives and feelings. But also our love for film, and what it can do to us, in transporting our thoughts and dreams, making them visible, bringing them to life.The basic medium of each of these two art forms - the audible in music, the visible in film - will be brought together with the other in a synthesis in which the separate elements enrich and reinforce each other. The audible is made visible, the visible made audible. And the result will be a sensory and emotional experience that draws on its individual ingredients but is more than merely their sum total. The music will be MORE than the usual soundtrack to what we are seeing, the film MORE than a mere illustration of the music.The music we've chosen for "Five Moments" is drawn from the incredibly rich art song repertoire of the 19th century, itself a synthesis of Romantic poetry by such poets as Heine and the intimate, personal but universal musical language of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms, so perfectly suited to this poetry and the romantic spirit of its time. This will be supplemented by one song from the 21st century, written just a few years ago. This song shares an emotional bond with its ancestors from so long ago and makes audible that the feelings people sang about then are still alive today, flowing through us and driving us on.

Why we are making this film

“Five Moments” merges film, classical and contemporary music elements. Our goal - beyond our artistic endeavours and aspirations - is therefore to inspire film lovers to discover the world of classical music, and music lovers to explore the universe of experimental filmmaking. The best of both worlds will create an intense audio-visual experience that will hopefully spark or rekindle the raw and intuitive curiosity in our audience.The themes in this film are topics very close to our hearts. In such difficult times as these, grief and loss are constant companions for many people. The feeling of being isolated, deserted, alone - we all can empathize with these states of mind. They are, of course, part of the human experience, but more now than ever, since the pandemic started. We hope this film will bring hope and a sense of companionship to people who have had similar experiences, that it can make them feel both understood and comforted as they follow our main character’s journey.

The Creatives

Magdalena Herfurtner - Director, Writer, Vocalist/Actress

Magdalena Herfurtner is a German musician, filmmaker and performer, resident in London.A classical music education and a passion for film, music, and painting have formed her as an artist over the last fifteen years and led her to diverse experiences in the world of art.Magdalena studied Vocal Performance at University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich and Screenwriting at Central Film School London.She co-produced the multi-award-winning short film The Power of One Coin (2018), line-produced Sergei Alexander's feature debut Your Eyes on Me (2019), and has written and produced the short dramas Trinette (2019) and Sacrifice (2020), which she also composed the soundtracks for.www.madilhardis.com

Ted Ganger - Musical Director, Producer, Pianist

Ted Ganger was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and studied piano and conducting at the Juilliard School in New York, before going to Germany on a Fulbright Grant. He worked as a conductor and coach in numerous opera houses in Germany and the USA, conducting over 40 operas, operettas, and musicals. From 1998 till 2017 he was a faculty vocal coach at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich, where he also played keyboard instruments with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. As a piano soloist, chamber musician and lied partner, he has performed throughout the world.Ted Ganger wrote his first song in 2009; about a year later, he wrote a second one. In 2011, he recorded the first twelve songs on the CD Late Early Songs. It was followed by the albums Feeling My Way, Notes From My Underground, Inside and Out, Complicated Heart, Turning The Pages and On the Edge. All of his recordings, complete CDs as well as individual tracks, are available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.Ted Ganger has performed his songs throughout the United States and Europe.www.ted-ganger.com

Jasmine Embrechts - Producer

Jasmine Embrechts was born in the Netherlands. She is an actor and writer who studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City. She has acted in film, television, theatre, and more, has been an Outreach Coordinator for the UK Film Festival since 2011, and was a judge for the Cine Circle Women’s Film Festival in 2021. Her first book is being published this year. She has travelled extensively and lived in multiple countries.Jasmine loves storytelling and her passion lies in bringing stories to life that would otherwise go unheard. She is very excited to produce Five Moments!

Roseanna Frascona - Actress

Stills photography by Gala Hales

Mathias Falcone - Cinematographer

Stills photography by Gala Hales

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